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Things to do in Al Ahsa – A day trip

All-inclusive Umrah packages bring comprehensive Umrah-related services all in one place. In addition to ensuring visa approval, flight tickets, and pilgrimage accommodations, 7 Nights 5 star Umrah package also offer guided tours beyond pilgrimage.

The purpose of organizing these additional tours is to maximize the exposure of pilgrims so that they can explore Saudi Arabia in a single trip. The most common tourist attractions that Umrah travel plans target include Al Ahsa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia.

If you are also planning a trip to Al Ahsa, go through the blog post to find out how to make your day trip to Al Ahsa unforgettable.

Visiting Al Ahsa during pilgrimage

Al Ahsa is a popular tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia because of its historical aspect and natural landscapes that people love to explore. It’s also a great place to visit for pilgrims as well who are interested in adventure once they have completed their Umrah rituals.

That’s why, all-inclusive Cheap Umrah packages are created to meet the needs of pilgrims throughout the journey. Different Umrah deals come with unique tour adventures and even custom tours for 7 Nights 5 star Umrah package. So, make sure if your go-to Umrah plan offers a day trip to Al Ahsa or not.

Going with fellow pilgrims and guided tours is easier. However, if you want to plan a personal trip to Al Ahsa from Makkah or Madinah, you can get there through the airways.

Besides cultural heritage and natural attractions, Al Ahsa also has spiritual landmarks to ensure the spirituality of pilgrims on the way. So, whether you want to unwind the stress of the journey or wish to renew your spiritual intentions, Al Ahsa is a go-to adventure to spot in Saudi Arabia.

Places to Visit in Al Ahsa

Al Ahsa offers a variety of options to explore from spiritual landmarks and historical museums to giant mountains and cultural Souks. To explore most of the renowned places there, try to plan your visit early in the morning so that you can maximize your explorations.

Also, mark all go-to places ahead to stay focused and active during your trip. Make sure you hire a local guide or join a tour group in Al Ahsa to navigate the key sites better.

Once you have planned a perfect trip to Al Ahsa, mark the following must-see places to visit there to avoid regret later.

  1. Ibrahim Palace

Ibrahim Palace is a central attraction in Al Ahsa that pilgrims explore as a starting point for their adventure. The palace is a symbolic structure built during the Ottoman Empire after the name of Hazrat Ibrahim. Therefore, it’s not just a historical stop over but also a religious landmark to revive Islamic architecture and local traditions.

Ibrahim Palace is a complex of different structures including mosques to offer prayers, bathhouses to have adventure, and administrative buildings which were significant in the past. The palace is also an event house for cultural exhibitions in which local handicrafts and artifacts are displayed.

  1. Al Qarah Mountain

Exploring Al Qarah Mountain is a different experience in Al Ahsa as it’s famous because of its honeycomb-like carved hills and rocky visuals. The mountain also has a number of caves all having historical importance of being resting places for caravan travelers. Since the mountain is a well-known tourist attraction in Al Ahsa, the management companies take care of its maintenance and cleanliness all the way.

The surroundings of the mountain also offer a unique overview of nature that looks pretty satisfying when explored from the top of the mountain.

  1. Al Jawatha Mosque

Al Jawatha Mosque is the best place to explore for pilgrims. It’s the best way to keep spirituality while you’re away from pilgrimage sites. Being one of the first mosques of Islam, Al Jawatha Mosque also has a deep spiritual connection with Islamic history.

Since then, different Islamic rulers have taken care of the maintenance of the mosque and used to upgrade its structure beautifully. The best time to visit the mosque is in the afternoon so that you can offer your prayer as well.

  1. Al Qaisariyah Souk

After exploring the natural beauty and spiritual landmarks of the region, it’s time to go shopping at the most popular traditional market of Al Ahsa known as Al Qaisariyah Souk.

The souk offers a comprehensive shopping experience to visitors as it’s the best place to buy souvenirs for loved ones. You can spot local handicrafts, textiles, gold jewelry, spices, dates, and local cuisines all around. The best part is that the shopping at Al Qaisariyah Souk is affordable and luxurious at the same time.

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