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Read this if you are Planning to Visit Pinzolo in Italy

If you are planning for a vacation in Italy, then consider visiting Pinzolo, which is one of the charming alpine villages. People who are not from this country may not know much about this place.

If you want to travel with your family and children, then there are many activities available to them. You can certainly explore plenty of enjoyable places here, even if your budget is not very high.

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A few top places to visit in Pinzolo

1. Nardis Waterfalls

The hike is enjoyable and suitable for families, beginning at the Nardis Waterfalls parking lot in Val Gènova. The path leads to a lovely little waterfall along the Sarca di Genova River.

The Sentiero delle Cascate (Waterfalls Trail) circles back to the starting point on the other side of the river. The towering Nardis Waterfalls, which is 97 meters high is located above the parking lot.

Delicious regional food is served in the Chalet da Gino restaurant, which is close to the Nardis waterfalls.

2. 5 Lakes Refuge

This lovely hike begins on the trail that leads to Lake Ritort, starting from the cable car at 5 Laghi Refuge (2064 meters). The route then climbs further, passing Lake Lambin, Lake Seradoli, and Lake Pradalago en route.

The path follows trails 232 and 226. You can take the Pradalago Express cable car and then the 5-lakes Express to get back to the starting location. 

3. Lago Nambino

This stunning alpine trek leads to three lakes:

  • Ritort Refuge and Lake (2063m)
  • Lambin Lake (2339m)
  • Nambino Refuge and Lake (1770m).

There is a thick forest on the first part leading up to the first lake. In contrast, the second section is higher up and more stony, devoid of trees.

By using the 5 Laghi Express chairlift to get from Rifugio Cinque Laghi (2064m) to Madonna di Campiglio, the final portion of the journey can be made shorter or more straightforward.

What can you do in summer?

During the summer season, you will find many climbers, hikers, and mountain bikers of all skill levels who are flocking around. Irrespective of your hiking skills, you will be able to find many hiking paths.

Visit the Church of San Vigilio

The Church of San Vigilio in Pinzolo, founded in 1362, showcases remarkable frescoes, notably the Dance of Death on its outer south wall, painted by Simone Baschenis in 1539.

This poignant fresco portrays individuals from all walks of life, including a Pope, priest, king, rich, poor, young, and old, symbolizing the universality of death regardless of social status, emphasizing a profound message of equality.

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