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Which Card Is Best For Airport Lounge Access In Dubai?

Dubai is the famous city in the world. The number of travelers in Dubai is increasing day by day. The reason is that it is the center of tourist attraction. It offers many joyful activities, wonderful shopping, and business opportunities.

People become excited to see Dubai when they hear about the luxurious building and the comfortable life of the city. To reach Dubai, it is important to book good travel services. Travelers search for the best travel options. Everyone wants to upgrade their travel experience.

Many passengers avail the services of airport lounges in Dubai. Whenever you go to the airport, certain things attract you. One of them is the airport lounge especially if you want some peaceful place without the noise of the public. There are different ways to access the airport lounges.

Lounges are not limited to the customers just who are premium. One of the top ways to avail of the services of airport lounges is using credit cards. You get many options among the best credit cards. They provide travel advantages.

Access to the lounge is one of the benefits of travel that cards offer you. There are some famous banks in the area of UAE that provide you free access to airport lounges if you use their credit cards. We have mentioned the best credit cards to use here during your travel.

ADIB Cards

Travelers can get many benefits using their cards. It provides you access to more than 850 airport lounges in the world if you use their card. You can use different providers to access airport lounges. Examples of these providers are Mastercard and LoungeKey.

You can choose ADIB Dana Master card or ADIB Etisalat Visa Signature Card. ADIB Etisalat Visa signature card provides you with many benefits. You will earn Etisalat Smiles if you on spending every Dirham from this card.

Moreover, you are allowed to redeem points if you want to purchase the ticket of a flight. This card is best for airport lounge access in the splendid city because it offers you free access to the airport lounge. You can get access to more than 850 premium airport lounges using this card.

If you want to book one from 50,000 hotels in the world, you can redeem reward points. Furthermore, passengers can book their tickets for more than one thousand airlines using this card. You have to pay the fee for this credit card. The fee of this card is AED 1,199.

There are also benefits to using the ADIB Dana Mastercard. Using this card, you can get access to more than 850 VIP airport lounges in the world. Passengers can get the MasterCard experience and different offers. Moreover, you will get discounts on hotels.

ADCB Credit Cards

It provides benefits of travel on a maximum of its card. Customers who have specific cards of ADCB are allowed to register themselves for the membership of LoungeKey. There are no costs for joining. You will get access to more than 800 lounges in the world three times.

Guest who is cardholders has to pay USD 27. You can visit three complimentary lounges in one year. The good thing about this card is you can access more than one thousand airport lounges using this card anywhere in the world.

If you spend one USD from this card on Etihad Airways, you earn 1.25 guest miles. It offers you nine hundred above luxury resorts and hotels. The annual fee for using this card is AED 525. You can also go for ADCB Islamic Platinum Credit Card.

This card also offers you travel benefits including access to premium lounges of airports in the world. You have to simply show your card at the lounge if you want to unwind and relax before your flight. The best thing about this card is that  Supervisory Board and Sharia have approved it.

You don’t have to pay the annual fee for this card. Another option to consider is the ADCB Touchpoints Platinum Credit card. This card also offers you some benefits including unlimited access to an airport lounge. You will get discounts on airfare and hotels using Mastercard and Cleartrip.

This card charges an annual fee of AED 1050 to passengers. It offers you a Fly airport dining program. Other cards that you can use are Mashreq credit cards, Emirates NDB credit cards, and HSBC credit cards.

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