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How to Perform a Healthy Umrah?

Umrah holds a significant role in Islamic worship. Every year, Muslims around the world travel to the heart of KSA, Mecca to perform Umrah. Embarking on a journey from any part of the world towards Mecca requires a seamless and comforting journey, getting an Umrah Package with flights not only saves time but is also budget friendly as each essential part is covered within the package, whether you’re getting an Umrah package from Seattle or New York, Umrah package covers each thing that pilgrims are concerned of.

Spiritual journey of Umrah brings Muslims closer to their religion as their souls are at peace and it is a great act of devotion and obedience towards the creator of the universe, God (Allah). In Umrah, Muslims perform a series of ritual for purification through the divine power. The rituals that are a part of Umrah are putting on Ihram, Tawaf (rounds around the Ka’ba), Sa’i, shaving or trimming of hair and Tahal-Ul which means to exit the state of being in Ihram and resuming back to the regular attire. Pilgrims should know briefly know about these rites of Umrah before booing the Cheap December Umrah Packages from United States or any corner of world. These are few of necessary information which can be gained from Muslim Scholars of your sect or concern with online sources. By performing each ritual, a Muslim performs Umrah.

A healthy Umrah refers to the state of being physically and mentally fit while performing Umrah. Spiritual wellbeing is to be set as top priority as pilgrimage to Mecca is indeed a journey of attaining spiritual solace and serenity. Each aspect of the body is to be taken crucial care of to make the most out of this sacred journey such as health, safety, mindful journey and comfort.

Spiritual Well-Being

Pilgrims embark on this journey to attain the goodness of Allah (SWT). A healthy Umrah drives on the desire of pilgrims to seek forgiveness, repent back to God and to seek spiritual peace. Rituals performed by pilgrims during Umrah aren’t limited merely to physical exercises, but it also includes spiritual exercise as a profound sense of harmony arises in the hearts of the pilgrims whilst they are performing rituals of Umrah. The devotion to the creator of universe brings spiritual peace as the worldly acclaims are set aside and pilgrims are set to attain the goodness from God. Gratitude is also one of the aspects of spiritual well-being during Umrah as pilgrims express their gratitude by undertaking this sacred journey. Gratitude boasts humility and deep reverence towards Allah which enriches the spiritual journey and develops a sense of peace in the hearts of pilgrims

Physical Well-Being

The rituals of Umrah require a person to be physically fit to perform a healthy Umrah. Rituals of the Umrah which include Sa’i and Tawaf, require great physical strength and physical stamina is exerted which involves walking, standing and performing rituals in crowded and sometimes challenging situations. Physical health should be examined beforehand. First and foremost, physical health should be examined medically beforehand, if any doubt, before embarking on this sacred journey, undertaking series of exercise and a fruitful and healthy diet should be consumed to improve stamina and endurance. Secondly, staying hydrated during performing the rituals of Umrah is essential as the body perspires a lot especially in the hot climate of Mecca, losing body nutrients. So, staying hydrated should be the foremost priority of pilgrims as it leads to performing the rituals of Umrah in a healthy manner and without any physical restraint.  Arab is known for its hot and humid climate so taking breaks, staying under the shade and hydrating your body should be taken care of to avoid being sick. Maintaining hygiene practices and pacing at one’s stamina wisely can eradicate health risks and promotes a joyful and safe journey.


A mindful diet not only keeps one healthy, but it also provides energy to perform the rituals of Umrah fully. Including the indigenous dates of Arab in diet can enhance energy as it is the best source of energy, boasts energy and is also sunnah, pilgrims can attain good deeds too by following the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (P b u h). Furthermore, having fruits that promote hydration is also a necessary part of diet. Mindful eating and eating in moderation with a balanced amount of carbs, proteins, vitamins etc. Can nourish the body for Umrah, thus leading to a healthy Umrah.

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