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How to Optimize Product Description on Amazon

For a high turnover and improved ranking on Amazon, the product description matters a lot. Every detail of the description adds to the ranking of the product. There are a few things that you have to target for a successful optimization which include the title, features, images, and keywords. The Amazon statistic you need to know is that almost %60 of sellers target optimization of descriptions. So let me tell you some ways in which you can do this optimization yourself.

How to Optimize Product Images

Product image is the first thing that comes to the notice of the buyer. The visual image acts as a decisive factor for a buyer so it needs to be properly taken with a suitable white background. For listing a standard of 9 images with one main image should be used. These standardized rules convince the buyer that your items are up to the mark.

Moreover, try to take pictures with a professional camera so that it may be as detailed as it can be and should answer all of the buyer’s requirements. Try to show all perspectives of the product from all dimensions.

Bullet Points

For a detailed optimization of description, it is recommended to describe the key features in the form of bullet points. First of all, try to keep the description concise and informative. Long descriptions are never read by the buyers. Try to tell the difference in features of this product and the other ones in the market.

Furthermore, you can highlight the advantages of buying your product. At most 5 bullet points are considered good enough.


Usage of Keywords

Keywords are the lifeline of any description. It is an organic way of ranking the product higher but an effective one. Keywords are usually accommodated in a sentence to make them appear natural and you need to do a detailed search of the keywords that you wish to use in your product description.

For getting an idea of keywords try to write the service or product that you mean to offer in the search bar on Amazon, all of the options that are provided by the search menu are keywords associated with the product.

Product Title

The product title needs to be within a limit of 250 characters. It should make sense and for optimal optimization, it is recommended to include a keyword in it as well. But this optimization is not only limited to title length or keywords only. Some other factors also play a role in title optimization.

You have to make sure that every first character needs to be capitalized and should depict key features or information about the product. The keyword accommodated should appear organic rather than just an inclusion. Product title helps to improve the product ranking and directly catches the buyer’s attention.


Optimizing the product description on Amazon can help you boost your sales and improve your product rank. However, you need to make sure that the description follows a proper guideline and includes all of the things as per this guide. I hope this guide would be of help to you.

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