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Can I do Umrah without shaving my head

After the completion of the Ihram, Tawaf, and Saee ceremonies, the Halq after Umrah is done. It is well known that eliminating Ihram, Halq, or Taqsir must be performed. Halq before to going Umrah is prohibited because any haircut completed before performing Umrah will not be regarded as Halq or Taqsir. Halq before Umrah is not permissible since it is prohibited to cut your hair while you are wearing Ihram. To perform Umrah different travel agencies provide Cheap Umrah packages 2024 from UK. Women are advised to practice Taqsir alone. The entire head must be shaved if you’re performing Halq.

Haircutting or shaving after Umrah?

There is a belief that full head shaving is better than hair trimming. It has been established that the Prophet of Allah SWT completely shaved his head and prayed for people who had shaved their heads three times as well as those who had just cut their hair once.

Taqsir and Halq:

Two significant rituals that must be carried out after the Hajj to Makkah are halq and taqsir. Depending on the nature of the trip, performing one of these ceremonies is required for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. Pilgrims must be aware of the requirements for conducting these rites, including the appropriate times, Halq and Taqsir techniques, required duas, and many more. 

Halq Definition:

After doing Umrah, the practice of halq involves shaving the head. Only men are eligible for this rite. After Tawaf, pilgrims must do this act to leave the stage of Ihram.

Taqsir Definition:

Taqsir, which refers to light hair clipping, is also advised for women making the Umrah. Women must trim their hair so that it is the length of a fingertip.

Importance of an Umrah haircut:

According to Umrah protocol, travelers must do either Halq or Taqsir to leave Ihram. Women must trim their hair to the length of a fingertip to remove Ihram. Several hadiths emphasize the significance of Umrah haircut rites, and Islamic scholars frequently recite these hadiths. Because one’s head hair is associated with one’s look and vanity in the outside world, this rite has special meaning. One must separate from it and adhere to the path of austerity and spirituality to entirely surrender to Allah.

Dream of the Prophet (PBUH) regarding Halq:

When the Prophet entirely shaved his head for Hajjatul Wida, his wish came true. He began the Halq rite by shaving his skull from right to left, starting with the right side. The Prophet (PBUH) invoked mercy three times for those who complete Halq and once for those who perform Taqsir to emphasize the significance of these ceremonies after finishing Halq.

Method of Halq and Taqsir:

One must cut their hair using the procedures specified for males (halq) and women (taqsir), respectively, to accomplish the Umrah pilgrimage. Women should have their hair trimmed to the length of their fingertips, while males should have their heads shaven. Partial head shaving is not acceptable, according to halq. Men should still do the procedure by running razors over their heads even if they have short hair or have previously shaved their heads. 

Halq in preparation for Umrah:

The following are some crucial haircut recommendations for Umrah:

Women are not required to wear halq in any situation. Taqsir should be performed by women alone.

If you’re doing Halq, you must shave your entire head. The shaving of only a portion is not considered.

A razor must be used for the process even if the patient has no hair.

Halq and taqsir must be performed from the right side and toward the direction of the Qibla.

The pilgrim can do Tasir and Halq by themselves.

Rules of Taqsir for Women:

The guidelines for women’s

Male hairstyles for Umrah are very different from female haircuts. The following are the primary variations:

To be released from Ihram, women should do Taqsir rather than Halq.

Before doing taqsir, one must cut all hair ends to at least the length of a fingertip.

To properly break Ihram and complete the Umrah pilgrimage, a woman’s hair must be slightly trimmed, even if she has short hair.

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